You just hired a new communications leader…

…and you’re reaping the benefits of their energy, writing skills, and social media prowess.  

But, is he or she equipped to bring their raw skills together into a cohesive & comprehensive communications plan that fuels your organization and tracks results?  

Accelerate the on-boarding of your new leader with a week-by-week, one-on-one coaching engagement that will translate your new hire’s raw skill into developing a full communications plan that integrates with your entire organization and reaches critical stakeholders.  This program is ideal for a new hire with five or less years of experience who is in charge of communications; or for new leaders with a dual role in communications and another operational capacity.

Bringing in-house and consultancy experience from more than 15 years in for-profit, non-profit and political communications, I’ll work weekly with your communications leader to construct a communications plan for a defined period in your organization’s near future – annual or project-specific.  The outcome further doubles as a framework for future annual and project efforts. Throughout the coaching period, the length of which will be determined by your needs, we’ll engage with internal team members whose success depends on communications, and I’ll keep in touch with you to ensure that the work continually meets organizational goals.  


  • Kickstart your new leader’s tenure with one-on-one guidance from a seasoned communications professional
  • Infuse replicable and evergreen skills and strategies into your organization’s communications planning
  • Assess audiences, determine tactics, generate content ideas, create content calendar, identify team roles and responsibilities, finalize and present plan.  
  • Create a communications plan for a defined period in your organization’s near future that is also a framework for future communications plans
  • Develop lasting processes for engaging critical internal audiences in communications planning
  • Prepare your new hire to “manage up”, be “presentation ready”, and take on increasing leadership responsibilities


  • Initial strategy session with new hire and critical organizational leaders whose work intersects with communications (marketing, donor relations/advancement, CEO or other organizational spokespersons)
  • Weekly meetings with communications leader via phone and/or in person
  • Content coaching and “directional” editing

Equip your team and gain the insight of a communications strategist to build and execute a communications plan.

Download a one-pager with this info and a resume.